Golf 101: Golf in a nutshell for beginners!

Golf is a super complex game, but once you get in the rhythm of the rules, you are sure to have fun!


Before the game- Read the local rules on the scorecard, put identification on your ball so it does not get lost, and count your clubs (they cannot exceed 14)

Play within the parameter that of the tee

The first tee shot can be scary for all so make sure to play it between the appropriate marks, within two club lengths. With all the swings that a player is thinking about, it can be easy to forget, the penalty for teeing the ball outside of the parameters is two shots in stroke play.

Don’t play the wrong ball

Its easier to do than it sounds! With so many balls being the same brand it can be easy to play another person’s ball. Again, make sure to mark your ball in a specific way so no one plays your ball and you do not play someone else’s. Playing the wrong pall can mean you lose a whole and also will be a penalty of two-stroke penalties in stroke play. If you are unsure of a ball, ask others and then see.

Green rules

Once you reach the green, make sure to mark the ball with a coin or something small, then lift an clean it but make sure to replace it in its exact spot. You can also fix anyone pitch marks, and other damages such as spike mark attached to green but not on your line, on someone else’s line of put, or an extension of it before completing the hole.

No way to get out of bounds

Not knowing what to do when your ball gets out of bounds is a big problem, especially as a beginner. A ball that goes out of the white stakes must be replayed from the position it was in before it was hit out of bounds with one penalty stroke.

Once it is out of bounds, you have five minutes to find it and if it is lost, you play with a provisional ball, still with the stroke penalty. If it is found within five minutes you can continue with that ball.

If you want quick bullet points of the rules, here you go:

Conclusion: This is just a very short list of rules, make sure to visit the USGA site to see all official rules for 2019! Make sure to visit golf media sites to see where golf is played on your TV! (Visit: )

● You must play a ball where it lies unless there is a special rule
● The golf course cannot be changed during the game unless there is a special rule
● If you play the wrong ball, you are given two penalty strokes
● When on the green, you can mark the ball to clean it or remove it from another golfers way
● When you put the ball you cannot hit the flag, if you do, it is a two-stroke penalty
● If you lose the ball to water, you can drop another ball behind the hazard and take a penalty stroke
● If you hit a ball out of bounds, you can replay the shot by taking it to its original place and hitting it again, you receive one penalty stroke
● If a ball is unplayable, you can take a penalty stroke and drop the ball behind where it was before
● Maximum of 14 clubs in each golfers golf bag
● Never mark off in front of tee markers

Top 5 Golfers Of All Time

The game of golf has been a great inspiration for many people around the world since the game was invented way back in the middle ages. As expected, there are those that dominated the course during their heydays, winning titles and breaking records to emerge as the most-valuable players of all time.

You may know some depending on the generation you were born and who the reigning champions were. However, in this post, we shall uncover the top 5 greatest golfers to ever grace our golf courses.

Walter Hagen

To many, Hagen is remembered for holding the 3rd-most amount of Major-championships with 11. However, there is more to Walter Hagen’s list of achievements. During his hey days, the player won a total of 45-PGA Tour-events. Walter also holds the record as the first American-born golfer to win the British-Open, an achievement he managed to repeat a whopping 4 times.

Hagen spent years playing in the PGA before switching to exhibition golf where he was also feted as the 1st golfer to bag a million dollars. This player was so talented that even as he bowed out of PGA, his handlers and fans never seemed to have had enough of him.

Bobby Jones

Now, Bobby Jones is a name that easily springs to mind when discussing great golfers that never placed money above their passion for the game. He may not have won so many titles, but that’s because he chose to play for fun as opposed to participating in professional competitive tournaments. It may also be due to the fact he retired at 28, long before he could hit his prime.

Be that as it may, he still managed to bag 13 Major-championships and to date, still holds the record as the only golfer to have won the Grand-Slam, all the 4 Major-championships all in one year. He came close to adding another Major to the list had he not spoilt his chance of doing so in the U.S Open of 1925, a match that saw him lose that tournament by a single stroke.

Arnold Palmer

This golfer holds the fifth position on PGA-Tour wins, with a total of 62 which include 7 Major championships. Arnold won the Sportsman-of-the-Year title in 1960, thanks to his remarkable achievements that included, among others, winning the PGA-Tour Player-of-the-Year two times.

Due to his prowess on the golf course, Palmer was aptly named the king. Palmer may have passed on in 2016, but his achievements have been immortalized in the Arnold Palmer half-lemonade half-iced tea concoction.

Tiger Woods

This is a golfer whose relationship life has seen turbulent times after losing his wife, but that is a story for another day. At only 35 years, Tiger Woods has achieved so much. His performance has not been so inspiring for the last two years but if he recovers his successful streaks, we can only say the sky is the limit for this accomplished golfer.

Woods has 14 Majors to his name, which is second best achievement of all time. He also boasts 71 PGA-Tournaments, which is third best achievement of all time. Out of the golf course, Woods has also made a name for himself in celebrity endorsement deals. Perhaps the most popular of such deals is the 2007 endorsement of Gillette along with tennis player Roger Federer and soccer player Thierry Henry.

Jack Nicklaus

We can easily say Jack Nicklaus is the most accomplished golfer the world has ever known. Nicklaus boasts the highest number of wins in Major championships, totaling to 18. Jack has won The Masters up to six times, winning the last at age 46, thus adding another recognition to himself as the oldest golfer ever to have won this tournament.

These achievements made him lead the money list eight times though on different occasions. He also bagged the PGA Player-of-the-Year record a whopping 5 times, and we can easily say he is the best thing ever to have happened in the world of golf.

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